Saturday, June 08, 2013

gym triathlon

My legs were complaining this morning, and I just couldn't mentally get into much of anything. I decided that a mini-triathlon would be interesting and would motivate me. Hey, whatever it takes, right? Yeah, I know I NEED to racewalk to stay fit, so I'll do some tomorrow (really, I will!). But today this is what I did:

5K on the elliptical in 20:27 (ha! Wish I could RW that fast...), 20K on the stationary bike in 39:02, and then 750m in the pool in a very slow 17:05. In all fairness, 1) I haven't swum in forever, 2) I was outside in the very lovely 50m pool, where you get less push-offs from the wall, and 3) I did this last and took it VERY easy. It felt SO nice to jump in the pool after getting all sweaty from the "run" and "bike" segments.

Someday I'd like to do a real triathlon, but I don't have a good bike (just have a hybrid commuter bike which is really heavy) and I don't run. So, maybe it's not for me. Besides, every time I think about it I realize I'd have to take time off of racewalking to train for it, and I don't really want to do that. Well, at least not right now. Someday though. It's on my bucket list, FWIW.

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