Thursday, May 12, 2016

4x878m @85% effort (indoor track)

Yesterday: elliptical, PT exercises.

Today: warm-up, a few PT exercises (light), then 4x878m at the indoor track. I didn't go early this morning because I was up too late reading and needed to help the kids with some stuff and do laundry this morning before work. So I went at lunch time instead, which was fine.

I pushed a little harder then 85% and was still very slow :(, slower than a couple weeks ago when I did this workout :(.'s data, and I'm just getting started. Don't think. Just do it. Or something like that.

Intervals were 5:07.6 (5:50.3 for 1km), 5:08.7 (5:51.6), 5:11.1 (5:54.3), 5:12.3 (5:55.7). The good part about the workout was that my foot didn't hurt and my hamstring hurt only a little, at 1/10. Afterward the hammy bothered me a little but is better now. I'm happy about that! Gotta take the little victories where I can.

Garmin data here. 

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