Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yesterday: elliptical and PT. Got new eccentric hamstring exercises. Yay! Hammies are a little sore today but feeling ok.

Today: Coach said 12-15km. It was a very wet morning. Very, very wet. We're in a desert here, so we are a bunch of rain wimps. It started off raining lightly but soon became moderate, steady, soaking rain. Oh yay. It kept that up for my entire workout. When I turned around at 6k (reasoning that I could do 3k more when I got back to the car if I felt OK) the rain was in my face. Yay. I had forgotten my baseball cap and my waterproof jacket, so I was pretty miserable. My injured hamstring started to complain a bit at about 6km, and I double-checked my technique. It never hurt more than 2/10 and was mostly 1-2, but it was still a bit annoying, and between that and the rain, and the fact that I was a bit late (and had to get to work for a bit), I decided 12km would be enough today.

Total time: 1:18:58 for 6:35/km with ave HR 148.

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