Monday, May 09, 2016


Yesterday: rest day.

Today: 10K. Took Calvin and the dogs and enjoyed a beautiful morning; the streets were wet from last night's rain and it was very humid (foggy in Liberty Park - it was cool - the fog was low to the ground, up to about 3-5 ft high) but comfortable at 11.1C (52F).

It was a pretty routine 10K. I like the sound of that! My hamstring bugged me a little bit, pain 1/10, and my foot didn't hurt at all until the last km when it was a little sore (1/10). My legs were a little tired (not sure why, as I rested a lot yesterday!), but considering that I wasn't too awfully slow. I did 6:34/km for 1:05:47 with ave HR 145.

Afterward I did PT exercises.

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