Saturday, May 28, 2016

6K, 16.5K

Yesterday: 6K in 6:26/km with ave HR 144. Then a very vigorous PT session working on glutes, quads, calves, lots of core, and! But tiring. Then 7 hr of yard work shoveling heavy rocks (seriously ---- we got 5000 lb of rocks delivered!) and planting our strip. Plus laying some pavers. Yeah...I was SO tired after that. Oh, and my hamstring hurt a little for the 6K, probably 1/10.

Today: 20K was on the agenda, but I knew after yesterday I might not make it, and I was OK with that. This was the only chance I had to do that much yard work, and I took a day off to do it, so...yeah. But I did OK today considering. I made it 16.5km, with the last 6km pretty hilly, and though I stopped pretty frequently it went all right. And yeah, I was slowish, at 6:38/km, but considering how tired my legs were I think that's not bad. They were pretty much toast at 13.5km but I cranked out another 3km so I'm happy with it. Garmin data here.  Best of all: NO pain in hamstring! YAY!

And I did more yard work today - no pics from today though.

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