Tuesday, April 04, 2017

8K w/3x3' at 10K race pace

Nice but weird to be "training" again. That's in quotes only because it's very light so can hardly be called that, but at the same time I am worried I'm pushing too hard, so it's a weird thing.

I kinda didn't want to go this morning, but once I got out there I really enjoyed it. Part of that was that I thought I'd be horribly slow and I was merely a bit slow, which is a little encouraging.

At least the weather was good. It was chilly (seasonably so) at 1.1C (34F) but no wind, no rain, and no snow, which at this time of the year is fantastic, so I'll take it. Plus it's spring and the flowers are going crazy, which is lovely, and my dog Sugar is a great companion.

My 3x3' at 10K race pace (haha what IS that these days? I just did it by effort...'cause I'm slow now so pace is relative) felt fine, and at 3:02, 3:06, 3:04 for 500m were slow but not horrid. I'll take it. I did stop for about 2 min to take a phone call from Korea (from a pianist who'll be staying with us in June for a week) at about 30 min into my walk, but it wasn't in the middle of a 500 at the 10K pace, so I took the call. Other than that, my legs felt good and all was well. No fatigue (yet); keeping my fingers crossed.

Total time: 52:18 for 6:32/km with ave HR 149. 

Tomorrow: some cross-training :).

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