Saturday, March 25, 2017

14K and other stuff

What I've been up to:

Wednesday: elliptical 45 min.

Thursday: 8K on the indoor track at the U at approximately 6:30-6:40/km pace. Forgot my Garmin and had a few other mishaps so not 100% sure of my time.

Friday: elliptical 45 min plus lots of walking around campus. Got almost 25,000 steps.

Today: 14K. Took Sugar with me and had a great time, though I was slowish. To be fair, I did a fairly hilly first 8km, and my legs were a bit tired from the 25000 steps yesterday, so I think it's all good. I'm just happy to have gotten it done. If I recover well, speed will come later, when I get more fit and can do speed work. For now to finish and to feel good w/o excessive fatigue is a good goal.

I beat the rain :). It was clear and upper 40s F (9C) with 10mph (16kph) breeze, and quite pleasant for a spring morning.

1:35:02 for 6:47/km. 

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