Sunday, April 16, 2017


Yesterday: I was supposed to do the 12K yesterday, but I woke up feeling unbelievably tired and decided there was no way it was going to happen. I'd been sleep deprived for a couple days and it wasn't good at all. I don't think it was the mystery fatigue, but I'm watching for that. I've had a few times this week when I felt like I could possibly be getting a touch of the fatigue so I'm watching it. I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP (yelling at myself). Anyway, by noon I felt better, despite going to Weight Watchers and gaining 6 lb in 2 weeks (yeah, I knew I was eating poorly, but geez!). I'm back at it again, needless to say. Spent the afternoon doing a lot of fairly heavy-ish yard work because we had to --- I was tired and didn't want to, but the problem is that we need to get it done, and it keeps raining on the weekend. This was the first weekend in a bit we've had a chance to work on it, and we wanted to take advantage. A few more good weekends and we should have most of it done, but here in SLC if we don't do it now then it just gets WAY too hot to do it. Spring is unpredictable though, so it's hard to find the right window to do yard work when it's sunny and it's the weekend!

Today: Got up and was a bit sore from the yard work, plus had to prep for having people over for Easter dinner today. Got the ham in the smoker, and made a Jell-O salad, and put candy for the kids in eggs for our Easter egg hunt, and then I had to run off to church to be there at 8:30 for music practice - I love playing for Easter so that was pretty awesome - some great piano and organ stuff. Needless to say, the 12k didn't happen until we got home from church, I made 2 pies, and then we did the Easter egg hunt. Then I could finally go racewalking, and though it was warm outside (not hot, but nicely warm - a bit warm for RW this early in the season for me) at 17.8C (64F) I actually had a decent walk. OK, it was slow, but I did a hilly route AND my legs were tired from yard work AND it was warm outside, so I think given all that I did a really good job. Photo of how GORGEOUS it was outside today above at left - SugarHouse Park was so fabulous.

After getting home I finished making dinner, entertained until 8pm (see photo above with our friends!), cleaned up until 9pm, and now ... I'm TIRED!

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