Monday, April 10, 2017


yesterday: rest day, complete with nap

today: 6K

I didn't go first thing in the morning 'cause I needed to get to work and get some stuff done. But once at work I was able to carve out 40 min for a racewalk. It's slightly hilly here but I have a flatter-ish course that I can do, and it was much nicer later in the morning than it was earlier. It snowed yesterday and was still a bit cold this morning so late morning was perfect. It was about 0C (32F) when I woke up but it was a balmy 7.8C (46F) when I walked.

I pushed the pace a bit and my HR was in the upper 150s a lot, but I felt good and the sunshine made me happy :). So there.

Garmin data here. 38:14 for 6:22/km with ave HR 154. 

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