Saturday, June 10, 2017

This time I really mean it. Resuming training, yet again. PTC training - week 1. Weight Watchers Summer - week 1.

My last post was entitled "Resuming Training". Um, yeah. That went well (not).

Fatigue has continued to be an issue, but at least in the last month I know it's because I was totally burning the candle at both ends with our pastoral search committee work for church. I made the deliberate choice to take another break and try again starting this week. Then my dad got really, really sick (bad bad bad GI bug) and my mom is vacationing in Spain, and yeah, that was stressful. I mentioned all this to my family doc, who has tried in the past to find answers to my fatigue, and she said we should try upping my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds - could be related to depression. OK, sure, why not? I will do anything. I just want to feel better.

I did all my workouts this week. They were slow, but whatever. I am telling myself that I am just happy to be out there at this point, which is (mostly) true.

Sunday: 6K trail run (not on the schedule, just did it with Calvin)
Monday: 6K 6:44/km
Tuesday: 4K 6:55/km plus 3x200m @85% in 3:21
Wednesday: elliptical 40 min
Thursday: 3K fartlek (19:34; legs like concrete; warm at 22.8C)
Friday: elliptical 40 min
Saturday: 10K 6:50/km (photo above - me & boy-o and dogs)

I also went to Weight Watchers today. Weight - an ugly 169.4. (At home - 168.0). That has to be down to about 160 by August or I might die of embarrassment when staying with my very fit friend Katie.

OK, have got my work cut out for me. Onward.

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