Thursday, May 07, 2015, 10.5km...

Weather: lovely! It rained a lot last night and has been raining a lot this week (typical for May here) but this morning was cool and brisk and overcast then sunny. Perfect.

My legs: HORRID. Don't know why. All I did yesterday was 45 min elliptical, nothing else. No biking, no weights, no nothing. I have been very busy this week and am a little short on sleep but not bad. Yesterday was busier than usual: took car in to shop, worked, violin lessons (Grace), gave Calvin a piano lesson, had friends over for dinner. But nothing that stressful or anything. legs were terrible today. Heavy, no energy, no life. Sloooooower than a turtle. Was to do 13K but stopped at 10.5K and total time was 1:10:32 for 6:43/km with ave HR 140. Ouch. I have no more to say except I had better recover from this ASAP. At left is how I felt while in Liberty Park this morning. Bleah!

During lab meeting this afternoon my legs were a bit restless and crampy-sore. Maybe a bit of the weird soreness? I'm not sure; if it was the weird soreness it wasn't bad. Ugh. I'd like to believe this was just an "off" day but I'm paranoid these days.

On the bright side, my neighbor down the street has beautiful irises!

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