Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Monday & Tuesday - rest days. Monday: travelled ALL DAY LONG. Nice to hang with the girls, but not so nice to be in the car all day. Tuesday: I meant to cross-train yesterday, but I had SO much stuff to do when I got home that I needed the extra time in the morning. I had a little delayed onset muscle soreness after the race but it was very, very minor, and just in my legs.

Today: 8K. The weather was lovely at 52F (11C) and overcast. We adopted a new dog but she is not ready for racewalking with me yet - needs more training - so I just took Sugar with me. Our new dog, Powder, is at right in the photo here. They look SO much alike :).

My legs felt a bit off when I started - right shin a bit sore, and just some general malaise - but after 1km or so they felt fine, just a little heavy. That continued all the way through the workout. I'm pleased that all I had was some slight heaviness, as it shows I'm recovering better than I have been.

Total time 50:55 for 8km for 6:22/km with ave HR 144. Garmin data here. 

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