Saturday, May 02, 2015

15K and very tired

I knew when I got up that this one would be hard. My legs still felt tired from yesterday. No weird soreness, though, and for that much I'm very grateful. I have to keep it all in perspective.

It was warm this morning - 17.8C (64F) - but not hot, and I don't think the temperature was a problem. My dog drank a lot of water though! I have her carry a canvas bowl in a small pack around her neck, and fill it at the water fountain at Liberty Park.

I started off, and after 500m downhill in a slow 3:17 I thought "uh-oh", and when my next slight uphill 500m was 3:29, I thought "double uh-oh" but resolved to try hard and see what happened. My left piriformis was cranky to start like yesterday but felt better as I warmed up, and I did work hard on technique today until I got so tired I couldn't think. I did make it to 5K in a reasonable 32:30 (6:30/km) which is slow for me for just the first 5K with a slight downhill overall,'s been a hard week of training.

Around 9.4km Jim called me. I needed to talk to him, so that was fine. I was really tired; since 7.5km or so, my right shin had gotten tired and my foot was scuffing more. We talked for a little while and he said he knew it was a hard week but he'd put 18K on my schedule to see what would happen; he thought I was close to being able to handle it, and I agree that I am close...but not quite there yet. He said if I did 14-15km that'd be OK.

After we talked I kept going, and it was slow and a little plodding, and my right shin/front of ankle got pretty sore about 11.5km. I stretched and massaged it and then it was all right. Because I was so tired, I totally miscalculated my route (added 3 instead of 2...sheesh!) and ended up a bit far from home with only 2km to go. Oops. I racewalked home but ended up with a nice long ~750m cool-down.

Total for the 15K was a slow 1:39:30, for 6:38/km with ave HR 144. But I did do a 10K kickdown this week, 5x200s, and 6km of intervals, so it's not surprising I'm tired. My body isn't used to that amount of quality work. My total for the week is only about 52km but I don't think I'm used to that much either.

I can't say I'm happy with this workout, as it was a tough slog, but at least I got it mostly done. Busy day awaits. Violin recital for Grace, house cleaning, play dates for kids, and symphony tonight with Loren.

Photo of me with Sugar is just after the workout :).

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