Tuesday, May 12, 2015

8K and feeling good :)

I am so relieved to be feeling good today. Last night I felt very energetic and was able to get a bunch of things done; usually after 8pm (especially the last couple of years) I am worthless, but last night was productive. And I woke up feeling good, and it's just SO NICE.

I was going to do my usual route around Liberty Park, but I am bored with it. Or something. I saw a runner go by my house and down the alley and I thought to myself that I could go the other way through the alley, through Westminster College, and over through Hidden Hollow to SugarHouse Park. A little hilly, but a lot less hilly than the route I used to take over there before they made the underpass under 1300 East. I'm liking it! I took a photo just as I was leaving the park. It was a gorgeous morning, 63F (!) and overcast and calm, and the mayor's bike to work day was today - they were meeting at the park, though I was there a little too early to see the mayor.

So, it was a little hilly and I was slow in places because of that, but I still did 6:28/km for 51:47 for the 8km. The total elevation gain and loss was 51 and 57m, respectively, according to my Garmin. Seeing as how I basically ended up at the same place I started I'm not sure about the 6m difference, other than that Garmin is not that accurate for elevation, which doesn't surprise me. Close enough. Nice hills, good workout, and feeling great afterward. I'll take it!

Garmin data here. 

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