Saturday, February 21, 2015

5K; good solid 14K

Yesterday: unremarkable 5K with Calvin (fun!) on Fiesta Island in San Diego in 31:46 for 6:21/km. I had a little soreness afterward for an hour or two; felt that it might be the weird soreness from my mystery illness. Not 100% sure was fairly mild, so that's good. I was pretty concerned, but after today not as worried.

Today: Lovely weather as usual...about 63F (17Cish?) and overcast and breezy. Wind in my face going south (the first 7km) then at my back going north (last 7 km). Felt nice to have the wind at my back for the last part. My legs were pretty good until about 11km, then quite tired the last 3km but was able to finish strong. It helped that I ran into Miranda Melville & Emmanuel Corvera at 12.5km or so - they were warming up for their speed work (Miranda had a total of 14km of speed work...she's looking good and in fine shape!) and we chatted for a minute before I continued on; they had parked at the same place I did on the Silver Strand at Fiddler's Cove. That part was not a total coincidence, as Rachel Seaman had told me on Facebook that was a good place to park for walking on the bike/running trail on the Silver Strand. It was indeed quite lovely, though state highway 75 is adjacent so it's not quiet. Still, good asphalt surface and great views! When I finished my 14km I chatted some more with them and with Tim Seaman, who was there coaching them and had his very cute daughter in the stroller.

My total for 14km was 1:29:39 for 6:24/km (subtracted 2:13 that I was stretching but forgot to stop my watch at 10.5km). I have no idea what my average HR was, but I was taking it pretty easy and when I did stop to stretch at 7km and 10.5km I checked my HR manually and it was about 150, which seemed quite reasonable.

Afterward - so far, no weird soreness (it's now 11:35 and I finished about 3 hr ago); stretched a lot and massaged piriformis with a firm ball I bought for this purpose at Target. The box also included a more spiky ball for doing feet, etc. The balls are a little smaller than a tennis ball and very hard. SUPER for massaging piriformis. Highly recommend.

Garmin data here. 

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