Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I hate coming back from vacation.

Yesterday: couldn't wake up (time difference). Had to go to indoor track after work because of the cold and wind - super windy. Left work late and so had a limited amount of time and only managed 21 laps on the track for 6.145km instead of the 8km I was supposed to do. Piriformis was nagging a bit but otherwise OK. Did 6:17/km for 38:37 with ave HR 152. I felt strong. Garmin data here. 

Today: went to track a bit late (again...time difference) and there was construction there and I had to park on the side and then couldn't figure out how to get in. Grrrr. Finally figured it out and warmed up. Then while doing drills after warming up (just dynamic stretching) my piriformis was really nagging badly. It hurt. I decided that I did NOT want to push it by doing speed work. Obviously I need to strengthen my left glutes so my piriformis is not so overworked, but of course that requires time. Time I maybe don't have, but had better find or I will be back to spinning because of injury. So I skipped my 3K fartlek and went home. My kids were grumpy. It was a lousy morning. Work wasn't so hot either (so far). Oh well.

Not sure what to do now, but definitely no speed work today. I might go do the elliptical later and tomorrow as well, and then RW again on Thursday. I have to do some strength exercises. Used my new ball for massage, which helped. I also have a bit of delayed onset muscle soreness from yesterday's workout on the indoor track; I think the 90 degree turns are rough on my body.

Coming back just sucks. I'm not sure I can do this.

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