Saturday, February 14, 2015

14K slog

Well...I did it. It was ugly and slow, but it's done.

The weather was good at 2.8C (37F) and calm and clear. My legs? Not so good. They were heavy right from the start, and when I arrived at 5K in 32:20ish, I was tired and knew it was gonna be a tough one. By 7K I was counting down the km eagerly. By 9K my legs were just really tired. No weird soreness, though. Just heavy and tired. That's the good news. The bad news is that the last 5K set a new record in pathetic-ness, and my overall time was so very, very slow. Ughhhhh. I really hate when workouts go this way. I know in my head that it's OK, but it just feels so NOT OK when I'm out there.

Total time 1:33:11 for 6:39/km with ave HR 145. Garmin data here. 

Next week will be better. I just didn't have it today. Sugar, my dog, did fine... :).

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