Saturday, February 28, 2015

16K and feeling good

I was a bit apprehensive about 16K. Haven't gone that far in a while, and this past week has been iffy with my piriformis problem (probably due to the car ride...grrrrr...) and general fatigue due to lots of extra appointments (financial planner, attorney, therapist, parent-teacher conferences). Running a household is hard work.

Anyway. The weather was lovely today; it was windy at my house, but when I drove to the Jordan River trail, it wasn't so windy there - just a little breezy. It was 1.1C (34F) and felt pretty good. I wore a long-sleeved shirt and jacket but ended up taking the jacket off after 6K, as I warmed up and so did the weather. Snow is predicted for later today, and now that I'm done with my walk it can snow all it wants :).

I started off with a slow 500m as the walkway near Arrowhead Park was slippery with frost - it's elevated above a swampy area and the plastic boards get very slick. But after that I was consistent and kept a nice moderate pace. Haha...speaking of pace, a man and woman ran past me and said, "Nice pace you've got there!" clearly appreciating that I was walking fast. Also, a Good Samaritan stopped me for a second around 1 hr 10 min into my walk - she said, "Do you drive a white Toyota Rav4?" Um, wow, she is pretty good, I was thinking. She had figured it out because of my license plate "RACEWLK" and watching me walk. She had found my pepper spray on the ground near the car and wanted me to know she'd put it on the hood. I was VERY grateful! I forgot to stop my watch during our 30 second conversation, so my time overall is 30 sec faster than on my watch.

I stopped at 5K for a brief drink and piriformis stretch, at 6K to tie my jacket around my waist, and at 10K back at my car to roll out my piriformis on my medicine ball and eat some Jelly Belly sports beans and have another drink. Then I went back out for 3K, stretched briefly, and walked back to the car. My legs felt really quite good; they got tired around 12K but not horribly so. I have no weird soreness now, 3 hr after my walk, but I am a little stiff, which is normal for being a bit out of shape :).

Sugar was a good companion today (photo above taken yesterday...but you get the point), though I admit that human companionship would have been nice. I imagined my friend Nyle walking with me and that helped a bit. I also saw my good friend Sarah out there; she was doing 17 miles as she's training for a marathon. She was with the Galloway run-walk group, though, so I couldn't join them (run-walk is great for some, but it's not my thing). I also saw another friend, Cyndie, and high-fived her as we passed the second time.

Total: 1:43:13, subtracting the 30 seconds I was talking to the Good Samaritan with my watch running. That's 6:26/km with ave HR 148. I'm happy with this, mostly because I am not having pain or fatigue :). Garmin data here. 

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