Wednesday, July 23, 2014

rest day, 8K, rest day, 5K fartlek

Sunday: rest day

Monday: 8K hilly course. We are traveling and have left the house and dog with my friend Jill the awesome house-sitter. It's a perfect exchange as she wanted somewhere to stay, and we wanted to have someone stay at the house. Win-win. Plus she's even cleaning it a bit for me [blush] as yeah, I don't have time. Anyway, we are in Montana at Glacier National Park, and I took Calvin with me and racewalked from our campground to a cool lake called Lake Five and back again. Awesome. Hilly, and a little warm (mid-60s but sunny and more humid than I'm used to). I still did a 6:25/km pace for 51:19 with average HR 148.

Garmin data here.

Later in the day, went hiking with Calvin to Hidden Lake. Should've put it on my Garmin but forgot. It was a lovely hike with about 700ft of elevation gain in 1.5 miles. The hike was challenging because there was still a lot of snow up there and we were trekking through it  trying not to slip and slide. We saw a ton of really cool mountain goats, and the view of the lake at the end was incredible. Sorry, no pics because I haven't downloaded them yet. Hard to do as computer time is at a minimum because there's really nowhere to plug in that is convenient (I'm sitting at the campground pool right now and there are a couple plugs here - charging computer and camera battery). I can get online on my phone easily enough but the wifi here is not so good at our campsite, which is fine, honestly - not here to do that stuff except occasionally. We'll be in a hotel this weekend and I'll do more photos then.

Tuesday: rest day. I needed to cross-train, but really have no options here. The pool is too small for laps, and I couldn't bring my bike. I guess I could run, but running = IT band problems, so… yeah, that leaves some hiking, which we didn't do on Tuesday. Ah, well. Rest isn't a bad thing, as long as I eat well, which I did.

Wednesday (today): 5K fartlek. Warmed up for 1500m with strides in 9:31, and it felt stiff to start, but legs were good by the time I was done warming up. I walked on a slight incline - the flattest road I could find nearby, at the front of the campground. There was a 500m stretch that included perhaps 50m on gravel (packed) and 6m between the lowest and highest points, according to my Garmin. Not ideal, but not too bad. I chose to do the hard efforts on the downhill and the medium efforts on the uphill. That worked OK; my hard efforts were pretty fast at 2:48-2:51, but the medium efforts were slower than usual at 3:06, 3:07, 3:09, and 3:14 (yeah, I was tired on that last one). Plus, I'm not in good shape (yet), so I expect slower recoveries. Total time was 29:43, with a very high average HR of 169. Yeah, I was pushing it. The weather was good - mid-60s - but humid and sunny, so I did feel hot. Maybe that contributed?

Garmin data here.

We did another hike today, so call that cross-training for yesterday :). Today's hike was about 6 miles (~10K) with a 500ft elevation gain, ending at beautiful Lake Avalanche. Highly recommend. The kids played in the water for an hour while I hung out on the beach, relaxing and taking photos. Garmin data for the hike here - but some is missing because of poor satellite reception in the heavy tree cover.

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