Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Happy dance! Bicycling; 3K fartlek.

Yesterday: biked to the gym, did 25 min elliptical, biked home. Pretty easy cross-training day. I felt good though.


Today: biked to the track (bicycling more for the Clear the Air challenge), which is only about 2.5km. Uphill, but still only 2.5km. Nice warm-up. Then did a racewalking warm-up of 1600m w/strides in 10:03. I met Adrianna at the track, who I've mentioned before. She's 18, almost 19, and is reasonably talented but hasn't had much time to train. We last trained together in the fall, but I was so sick, and she got busy with school, so it's been a while.

I was to do a 3K fartlek. I suggested she do 400m hard, then alternate 200m medium 200m hard until she got to 2K, then walk easy for a cool-down. She's been running but no RW so her shins and flutes were burning (heehee!). She went out really fast and I didn't pass her until the last lap or so, and then she re-passed me on her fast 200m. I think she has a lot of potential given that she did 11:15ish without much RW training at all.

Anyway I digress. I felt AWESOME today. I started off reasonably fast and held it pretty well, doing 2:47 and 2:48 for 5:35 for my first 1km. My legs felt GOOD and my wind was my limit for once. Super! I kept up really well and finished in 17:26 with ave HR 160. I am very happy with that. I felt strong and just felt so good to be out there working hard - so unlike how I've felt for the last 15-16 months. Happy dance!

Garmin data and the rest of my splits here. 

Oh, and I biked up to work afterward. I feel fine now. Awesome, even.

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