Friday, July 11, 2014

6K, rest day

Yesterday I did 6K. I've had a bothersome right hip flexor for several days now - I first noticed on Monday's 6K, and noticed more during my 3K fartlek, and also during the 6K yesterday. It's not terrible, and I'm not sure if it's from racewalking or from cycling, but it's definitely annoying. I suspect it's probably from cycling, so today I took the day off from any hard cycling - did 2 easy rides, no big hills, just for commuting for the Clear the Air contest.

Yesterday's 6K went well considering that it was the day after a 3K fartlek. Other than the hip flexor, it was totally fine. I didn't push at all and took it a bit easy, since it was a recovery day. My Garmin battery died (left Garmin running after my last bike ride) and with a minimal charge when I noticed in the morning, it didn't last the whole 6K. My phone timed the rest, and the 6K is approximate, but I did about 6K in 39:11 for about 6:32/km. I was doing 6:25/km before the battery died, so I'm not sure that last bit was that slow… dunno… but it went fine. Garmin data here.

I feel decent tonight after resting up today, though I can tell the hip flexor is still a bit sore and probably will be for a few more days even if I take it easy. I'm doing 12K in the morning and hopefully that won't aggravate it too much.

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