Wednesday, July 02, 2014

only 6K

Yesterday: 30 min elliptical; bike to work. The ride up here from my house is uphill 178m (584ft). In comparison, the tallest building in Salt Lake City, the Wells Fargo building, is 128m tall, and has 26 floors. I feel pretty virtuous now about my cycling habits of late :).

Last night: Sat at Calvin's track meet from 5:30-9pm after a busy day. Somehow this was exhausting; had a good snack before I went but got quite hungry during the meet. That turned to ravenous and I will admit overeating a bit when I got home :(. Not terrible, and I had some small remnant of self-control that did keep me from much worse damage. Still on track, mostly.

Today: Woke tired with heavy legs. Did 6K but was supposed to do 10K. I didn't have the weird soreness but it felt on the edge. I am worried. I stopped because I was just not feeling right!!! I think maybe I just overdid things yesterday? Maybe it was sitting for too long.

I did NOT ride my bike up to work after that. I had to take the car in for a recall so left it downtown at the dealer and took the light rail and then a bus up to work, with Calvin coming on the light rail with me to Club U. That worked well, and hopefully I'l feel fine tomorrow. I'm definitely tired though. Need to take it easy.

Total for 6K was slow as you'd expect; 39:24 for 6:34/km with ave HR just 139 (see, sluggish!).

Garmin data.

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