Monday, July 07, 2014

cycling recovery; 6K

My coach told me to take it easy this weekend after the 5K race. I did…sorta :). I didn't racewalk, and on Saturday I rode my bike slowly 10K with Calvin to Costco and Lowe's, then 6K to the pool and back.

Our lab is taking part in the "Clear the Air Challenge", to see how many non-single-occupant-vehicle trips we can complete. I'm basically trying to go everywhere by bike, which has been interesting (some trips on a bike are challenging - the city needs to work on being more bike-friendly in some areas) but mostly good.

Anyway, back to Saturday. While at the pool, I did 30 min of lap swimming in the very awesome outdoor 50m pool for some good cardio, since bicycling with Calvin is more of a moderate activity. Someday I'm sure he will be able to totally kick my butt, but for now, it's a bit sedate.

Sunday I opted for lots of cycling. Biked up up up uphill to church, which is 4.5k (almost 3 miles) from our house. Didn't know that, since I always drive there. Our church is now meeting on Foothill Drive, in a Seventh Day Adventist building. Quite convenient to share, since their worship is on Saturday. After church, I biked home and grabbed a quick snack then biked to Weight Watchers. Hadn't done that before. Turns out it's also about 10K round-trip (6.2 miles) from our house. Weight Watchers is one of the few places I've visited lately that doesn't have a bike rack. I gave my leader a hard time about that, since they are trying to encourage activity, right? Finally, I biked with Calvin and Grace to the pool and cooled off with a leisurely swim (I did NOT do laps).

My legs felt good all weekend. No weird soreness and not even any delayed onset muscle soreness from the 5K! In fact, I think I am really feeling about 100% normal again! Very happy about that. So, this morning I went out for a 6K walk and it went just fine. I took it easy, with ave HR 142, and still pulled off a pace of 6:24/km for 38:23 total time. Legs felt good; a bit tired on the last uphill but nothing more. I am sure I could have gone farther but glad I didn't as I was in a time crunch to get the kids to summer camp and myself to work. We bicycled, of course :).

Currently our lab is in 29th place for # of trips by team in the state, and I am in 24th place for individuals.

Garmin data here. 

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