Friday, March 22, 2013

I made it to 5K!

I wasn't sure this would happen for a while yet. I figured maybe I'd be able to walk in May or June, but apparently the ART is really helping. I had an ART treatment yesterday from a local guy, and I'd highly recommend it. It's kind of like a sports massage on steroids, and working the parts that most need therapy. ART stands for Active Release Techniques, because the patient is active in the process. You move while the ART therapist is putting pressure on a specific spot or spots.

Yesterday I did the elliptical & stationary bike before the treatment, and no racewalking. I'm racewalking only every other day for now, and gradually upping what I am doing - carefully, very very carefully, so as to avoid re-injury. On Sunday I did 3km total (1km in the morning and 2km in the afternoon), Wednesday I did 3x1km, so today I decided to to try 5km. I did it on the indoor track (211m) at the U, and stopped every 8 laps to roll out my piriformis and hip area on a medicine ball. Other than getting a bit tight, I had no pain, and made it all the way to 24 laps (5.064km). I got to 5km in approximately 30:18, which was pretty fast :). OK, I did allow my heart rate to sit at the mid-150s at the end, but I'm out of racewalking shape so I wasn't actually walking THAT fast.

The best news? I'm feeling pretty good now (late pm). No pain!

After racewalking, I did 15 min on the stationary bike and then did my PT exercises: planks, lower abs, medial step-downs with band at my knees to activate glute med, and lunges around a circle with medicine ball lifts to the side and overhead.

Here's the Garmin data from my walk (24 laps; stopped with Kelly because her knee was verrrry sore :(, then 15 min biking).

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