Sunday, March 24, 2013

5K outside! :)

OK, so for late March it was cold this morning outside (25F, -4C), but I didn't care much. I was happy to get to walk outside. Walking is hard right now because my muscles aren't used to it and I tire quickly, so it's not as much fun as usual, but it sure beats the stationary bike or the elliptical. At only 30 minutes of exercise, I should probably do something in the gym later, but...well...I may not get around to it. It's Sunday and I need to chill a bit before the busy week begins.

Before I went, I did a set of step-downs with the band to activate my glute med on both sides. I think that is helpful, because then I can focus on using them during the walk. Today while walking I thought about using my glute med, bringing my right hip through low so I don't hitch and drop and end up with bent knee on the right side, and also about using my core to keep my posture strong (especially through the lower abs). I also tried to think about allowing my hips free rotation and extending through my toes, and all the other great stuff I know to work on. Racewalking requires so much concentration, but I think that's one of the reasons I love it. It is never boring!!!

I stopped twice at 1.67 and 3.33 km to stretch and do some leg swings and more step-downs (I brought my PT band and did the step-downs on a curb). My hip did tighten up a bit at first (kind of like on Friday), and so the stop at 1.67km was welcome. However, after that it felt pretty good until about the last 500m when it got a bit tight again, but I was going uphill and I was fatiguing, and I was almost done. It didn't ever hurt - it just got tight. I think that is pretty good progress and I'm pleased.

I will admit that I went a bit faster than I should have, and maybe that didn't help. It was fun to be out there and I couldn't help myself :). I did the 5K in 29:34 and my average HR was a bit high for a short workout at 149, with max of 162. Hopefully coach is OK with that :).

Garmin data here. I like that the Garmin data now shows the weather - it says -4C with 10kph wind, which seems about right, giving wind chill of -8C. Ha! Look, I'm turning Australian...I honestly prefer using the metric system, as a scientist, and I wish we'd just switch already, but Americans are too stupid and too much creatures of bad habit.


Harriet said...

Good to hear! Be patient. :-)

Hunca Munca said...

Yay for a nice good walk! :-)