Sunday, March 31, 2013

6.25km and a bike ride :); Happy Easter!

I haven't done more than 5K since January 15th, but I was feeling good this morning after two cross-training days, and plus it was Easter (probably my favorite holiday?) and so I was in a good mood and felt like a longer walk. I decided to do one of my favorite routes for a shorter walk, just out to Liberty Park, around the park, and back. I did some step-downs with the band around my knees to activate my glutes before and during my walk. I stopped each 2km to stretch it, do a few leg swings, and do some step-downs. I focused really hard on keeping my form intact. I had minimal discomfort which felt a lot better after stretching; it's still getting tight when I walk, though not as bad when I really focus on using my glutes properly, especially with my left leg. After my walk (and before as well), I rolled out the piriformis on the medicine ball. Excellent! It just gets it so much better than the foam roller, for some reason.

Here's my Garmin data.
I walked pretty fast; went through 5K (more downhill than uphill) in 29:31, and then finished in 37:22 for 5:59/km with average HR of 148.


Later, after eating a nice Easter dinner (in which I showed some restraint) and dessert/candy (less restraint...but I will use my weekly WW points for that), I decided that biking up to work was a good idea. I had to go up there to set up minipreps and figured I'd bike and get some more exercise. It was delightfully warm at about 70F (21C) and I loved soaking in the sun and the warmth. Easter CAN be cold and snowy here, so I was glad it was so lovely today.

Garmin data for bike ride.

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