Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cool photo

I'm a bit of a nerd. I absolutely love x-rays. Seriously...maybe I should have been a radiologist!

Anyway, here's the x-ray of my L5-S1 assimilation joint. Can you see it? It's pretty obvious even to the novice. On the right side of the photo (my left side) I have an extra bone between my vertebra and the sacrum that is not there on the other side.


In other news, I am quite sore in the legs from the little bit of RW I did on Sunday, plus getting sore from the new PT exercises I got yesterday. I am working to find an ART provider here in SLC - have a good candidate and hopefully can get in later this week, because my piriformis is starting to tighten up again despite the fact that I haven't done any more racewalking. I did the bike yesterday and today, and plan to do some more elliptical tonight while Grace has her skating lesson. Plus I did my PT this morning and did some upper body weights too. I'm going to be a lot stronger after this, which is a nice side benefit.

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