Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3x1km with breaks!

This morning I managed 3km! I started off warming up on the bike, then did a set of PT exercises (planks, side planks, lunges in all directions, step-downs with band around knees to keep glute med activated), and then I walked 1km (well, 5x211m so really 1055m) on the indoor track. I repeated my PT exercises and rolled out my right piriformis on a medicine ball to release the tightness that had accumulated from the walk, and then walked another km. Finally, I biked a bunch more, rolled out my piriformis, and then walked another km. I could feel it get a bit tight but it did not hurt - the first 1km it gave me a twinge or two of discomfort (1 of 10 on the pain scale?) but on the last two 1km I had no discomfort. I am quite happy about this!

Total biking/racewalking was 45 minutes; the racewalking laps were all 1:14-1:16 except the last one, which was 1:18 (yeah, I got tired - going to take a while to build up my endurance again).


In other good news, I'm going to see a Dr. Derek Parkes, a chiropractor who does ART tomorrow morning at 9. Yay! Found a good one (I hope!) here in town and I'm hoping he can continue the great work that Dr. Nelson Santos did on me in California.

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