Sunday, March 17, 2013

a ray of hope

I've been feeling a bit better this week emotionally, and have been getting used to the idea that I might be out of commission for a while. Going to California for the weekend to watch the 20K was a very good idea! I needed the sun, the friendship, the camaraderie of other racewalkers, and some time away from the routines at home. I love my life in SLC, but it was nice to get away.

Watching the race was challenging - not because I was sad about not walking, but because I was BUSY. Seriously, I was doing aid for Ian, Katie, Rob, Kelly, Jolene, Carmen, and one other gentleman (can't remember his name). Plus I was texting Jim about his athletes' performances. He had 4 athletes in the race: Erin, Dave, Kelly, and Pablo. I had a bit of trouble giving him updates on more than just Kelly (sorry, Jim). In addition, I was trying to take photos and video - especially video for Jim. I'll post some later.

I may have been busy but I LOVED it. I loved seeing my friends and cheering for them, and loved watching what little of the race I could :). I had a blast taking photos and video. Of course I would have preferred to walk, but this was the next best thing for sure.

The best news though? After the race I got some ART (Active Release Therapy) from Dr. Nelson Santos (a chiropractor). It was AWESOME. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! He did 3 different maneuvers (?) on me - one on the right psoas (ouch!!!!!!), and 2 on the right piriformis, at the origin and insertion. Seriously, it took maybe 5-10 min and I felt better than I have in 6 weeks. Then I walked 1km in 5:52 with almost no pain. Later, at Kelly's house I walked 2.12 km with little pain at a 5:31/km pace. Then I got tired and stopped before I could overdo. But it was great. I am hopeful!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I am calling around SLC to find an ART provider. Right away!

Garmin data for 2.12km here.


Harriet said...

I haven't seen any studies, but I've heard good things "through the grapevine" about it.

good luck!

Sarah said...

I've been using ART for my hamstring and yes, I feel it is the one thing that has made the most impact. Good luck. Hope it works for you too.