Saturday, February 09, 2013

plodding along

Yesterday: elliptical at the gym, weights with Kelly (abs, upper body, PT exercises). My friend Ollie had asked about what exercises I do. I have to do 1) planks (30-90 sec; doing 60 right now) x 3 sets 2) side planks (30-90 sec; doing 30 right now) x 3 sets, 3) clam shells with resistance band (gray) around my knees; to fatigue x 3 sets on each side, 4) one-legged bridges to fatigue x 3 sets each leg, 5) lateral walk with resistance band around feet (blue) + hands through gray band attached to post or other rigid object for core stability while I walk; to fatigue on each side x 3 sets, 6) step 90 degrees to right then back, then 90 degrees to left and back with knees slightly bent and core engaged; to fatigue on each side x 3 sets. My hips are trashed when I'm done with this routine! It's tough, but good for me. I'm to focus on keeping my core activated and my gluteus medius activated on all exercises.

Today: tried to walk with Kelly. Made it 1km and had to switch to alternating walk/RW because of pain. Did 6x(3 min walk/1.5 min RW) but the last one the RW was shorter because it hurt. Grrrrr. Also did 30 min elliptical to get in some cardio, and did my PT exercises. In addition, went to my Weight Watchers meeting and faced the music...had to pay for January since I never made it in, but weighed in at 155.2 lb, which could be worse. I can be up to 157.0 without paying, so that was semi-good news. At least I made weight...but I am 5-10 lb (2-4.5kg) above my racing weight. I'm trying really hard not to overeat, but it's very difficult because I'm a stress eater and it's pretty stressful right now with my injury.

I feel like my injury to the piriformis is not improving at all. I guess I have to be patient.

To top it off, I attended a baby shower this afternoon, and when I got in the car of the person I was riding with, the door closed on my right foot (parked in my driveway, which has a slight tilt because we're on a hill) and now it's quite painful and swollen and hurts to dorsiflex. Wonderful. Well, I can't RW anyway, so no matter I suppose. Bring it on, right?

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Harriet said...

Thanks for posting your routine. Gracious, you've had some rough tumbles! Take care; we have only one Tammy!