Friday, February 01, 2013

6km racewalking!

It was so nice to be racewalking this morning. Even the weather cooperated. After a January with average temperature 18F (-7.8C), which is 10F below normal (!), it was a balmy 33F (1C) this morning. It felt lovely. Plus, the roads were better after the dump of snow this week. Finally! OK, so the sidewalk in Liberty Park was icy and the park road was icy in spots, but 600 East was OK, and Kelly and I were able to walk nice and fast.

I paused every few km to assess my leg and make sure it was doing OK. It felt all right! It was a bit stiff and I was "noticing" it, but it did not hurt. What a relief! I have delayed posting my blog today mostly because I wanted to make sure there was no delayed onset soreness either. So far, as of 4:10pm, there is not. I have been walking quite a bit at work today, too - had to walk to the core facility to get some stuff sequenced, walked to a meeting at Primary Children's Medical Center (10 min walk, inside), walked to the bank, the pharmacy (in the hospital), and also over to the Emma Eccles Jones building to pick up some enzymes. That's a lot of walking, not including the walk to my car and back. I would guess I've walked 2.5-3km (1.2-1.8 miles) at work today!

Not only was my leg OK, but I was nice and fast today. Kelly kept pestering me to slow down a bit as she is tired from her really hard training week. I felt bad that I was so fresh in comparison to her. My turn will come, though. I'm going to be hurting a lot next week if we start up training again.

My total time for 6km was 35:33 (my watch said 5.96km, but Kelly's said 6, so we went with that) for an average pace of 5:56/km. That's pretty speedy, and I'll take it. Average HR was just 138.

Garmin data here.


Steve Finnell said...

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Harriet said...

A little at a time, ok? You ARE on your way back!