Thursday, February 21, 2013

a bit of RW and more cross-training

I tried to racewalk some more today. I did 6x(4 min walk, 1 min RW). The first few were OK, with minimal pain, but the pain level increased as I did the workout, and while I was not limping or anything at the end, the pain was definitely as much as 3/10. So frustrating. I was hoping for better.

I hopped on the elliptical after that, and did about 6-7 min but that was hurting too because I'd aggravated it from RW. So I got on the bike, which was totally fine (except that it's about as exciting as watching paint peel). I'm just glad that did't hurt and I had TV to watch (the field house at the U has nice TVs with plugs for headphones in all the cardio equipment) and a book to read.

Kelly didn't fare well this morning either. She had a 12K kickdown but after our weight training last night her legs were pretty well shot. She was very disappointed and quite upset. I felt her pain! She felt bad burdening me with that since I can't even RW, but it was no biggie. I totally understood how she felt, as I've been there.

I went to PT after that, and did my exercises and had some more Grastin treatments and stretching. The PT assistant is a great guy and bore the brunt of my rant this morning, because I was frustrated with the fact that I'm not getting much better. I felt bad about the rant and told him so, and he was kind about it.

In general today I'm feeling much better emotionally than yesterday, which I'm thankful for. I'm not sure why, but grateful all the same.

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