Wednesday, November 04, 2015

cross-training; 10K

Yesterday: elliptical, felt fine. Was glad to not work out outside - it was WINDY and nasty out. Brrr!

Today: 10K with Kelly and Sugar (my dog) on the Jordan River Parkway. It was 38F (3.3C) but not windy, though it was raining lightly on and off. Still, I wasn't cold in my long-sleeved technical shirt and tights; I felt fine. I was grateful that it wasn't windy after the past couple of days of wind.

Met Kelly really early (5:50am) so she could get to work afterward, and that was rough as I stayed up until 11pm last night doing stuff around the house. Loren and I got the claw-foot tub all set up (see left; plumber did the drain and faucets but we did the shower curtain ring and the shower plumbing) and it's working well, though the shower head that came with the shower kit was really lousy and leaked a lot, so I went to get another this morning before work. Moving is a lot of work...before AND after. I had forgotten all the stuff that you do when you move - next up on my list is replacing the thermostats with smart thermostats. It's going to be a while before we are fully settled in.

Anyway, I was VERY tired this morning and my resting HR is back up to 56 (from 50 when fully relaxed) though I'm not sure why, as I don't FEEL particularly stressed or anything. I will keep tabs on this though, and make sure I'm not pushing too hard. The workout went fine; we just tried to keep it very easy, and because I forgot my Garmin (duh!) I didn't know my 500m splits and we were a little slow. I know where 5K is on the trail, so the out and back was no problem. Plus we used map my run on our phones to track things; though that said 6.45 miles instead of 6.22. I know it's GPS and it's off a bit, but my Garmin is much better than that. Hmmm. Anyway, no matter. It took 1:05:10 for the 6K, and yeah, that's a bit slow, but it's done, and I was tired, so there :). Here's a link on map my run. Oh, and I had extra time on my phone because I couldn't stop it a couple times when we stopped for a drink/my phone rang/etc. Kelly timed it too and hers was the more accurate 1:05:10. HR was about mid-140s to low 150s, typical for this workout, so that seems good. I'll try to get some extra sleep tonight and monitor things and make sure I'm doing OK.

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