Friday, November 13, 2015

3x1k; 4x500

Today I met Kelly at the track for 3x1km, 4x500. (Kelly was just doing easy pace and there for moral support!). It was seasonably cold at 30F (-1.1C) with a slight breeze, which I could have done without! I didn't get that cold in tights, gloves, headband, long-sleeved shirt and jacket, so that was good.

My warm-up felt a little sluggish but my strides were good and I got in the groove eventually. I did some dynamic stretching and then glute activation drills and got going on the workout.

My first 1K was the slowest at 5:43.8, and I chalked that up to legs that were still a bit tired from yesterday. I had 2 min rest between every interval today; after my first rest I then did 5:41.3 for the next one and 5:41.0 for the 3rd 1km. I wasn't sure about the 500s, but they went pretty well - though on the last one my legs were definitely getting shaky and Jell-O-like, though it was still the fastest. In fact, these are the fastest 500s I've done in a while at 2:47.9, 2:46.1, 2:46.4, and 2:45.6. Yep, 2:45! OK, slow compared to what I could do before the past few years of fatigue, but good for now. The 1kms weren't that good today, but they weren't terrible either, so I'm happy.

My HR was about mid-160s at the end of the intervals, and went down to 100s or 110s in the rests - pretty good.

All in all, good progress is finally happening. Photo at the track after the workout as the sun was coming up; note pretty snow-capped mountains behind my head over the stadium seats :).

Garmin data here. 

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