Sunday, November 08, 2015

1:30 easy RW with Kelly

This morning Kelly had her long day; she was going to do 100 min (1:40) but ended up cutting it to 1:30 when her legs (and mine!) were very tired after yesterday. We tried not to push the pace, and because Kelly's legs were so tired, we went a bit slowly. I could have gone a bit faster alone, I think, but honestly, I'd have been hard pressed to go faster than 6:30/km. I think I'd have been more like 6:35/km. We did 6:39/km so finished 13.54km in the 1 hr 30 min. Edited to add: my ave HR was only 144 so it was a nice easy day!

Oh, and we met really 5:15 am because Kelly had to get to work at 7:30. It was dark but very pretty with the moon and planets out. I snapped this photo at the turnaround point.

Did I mention it was cold yesterday? It was only 27F (-2.7C) on the Jordan River Parkway yesterday; today it felt a lot better though it was only a bit warmer at 1.1C (34F), and at one point the wind kicked up a bit making it feel colder, but mostly it wasn't too bad today.

I'm resting tomorrow!!!

Garmin data here

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