Monday, September 01, 2014

cross-training; 8K + 5x200m

Sunday: 45 min elliptical, because I felt pretty good and wanted to do it.

Today: 8K in gorgeous weather, plus 5x200m repeats. The weather was about 60F (15C) and trademark low humidity and clear. I took the dog for an 8K, because Calvin didn't want to come. Today was amazing - I felt really good the whole walk. Seriously. Felt strong and almost like my old self again. Did the 8K in 49:48 for 6:13/km with ave HR 149. Garmin data here. Then the 5x200m, which was pretty decent as well. The dog quit on me after the 3rd repeat and would NOT move to do the 4th one haha! She just wouldn't. So I tied her to a telephone pole and did the last two alone. Total time for the 1km was a fast 5:12. Garmin data here. 

So happy to be feeling good! Tomorrow is x-training, then 5K fartlek on Wednesday.

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