Wednesday, September 03, 2014

cross-training, 5k fartlek

Yesterday: elliptical then bike to work and back. My legs were sore (normal delayed onset muscle soreness) from Monday's 5x200m.

Today: it was warm outside this morning at 24C (75F). Legs still a bit sore but not too bad. I warmed up carefully, starting off a bit slowly. I did my usual 1600m with 2x100m strides, finishing in 10:12. I felt ok but not great, which was how the rest of the workout went. Hissing surprising, because I was up way too late finishing redecorating Calvin's room (started doing it this weekend because I had a 3-day weekend but of course couldn't finish on the weekend). I was tired and a bit stressed this morning about how I'd get everything done. Anyway, the fartlek went about how you'd expect. I did a total of 29:58 with my fast 500s 2:51-2:56 and my medium 500s 3:05-3:11. I was happy to be under 30 min and really worked the last 500 hard to get it - the last 500 was the fastest. I was working very hard today with average HR 163.

I'm getting a bit slower on this workout each week...but I know that should change when I can increase mileage and do speed work. Meanwhile I have to be patient. Coach wants me to start doing longer fartleks very soon and I'm not sure I'm ready. Today felt really hard. I guess I could do a longer one but it'd be a lot slower...well, one has to start somewhere.

Garmin data here.

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