Saturday, September 27, 2014

3K fartlek; 8K

Coach is keeping me busy now that I'm feeling better! 3 days of racewalking in a row. 8K Thursday, 3K fartlek Friday, 8K Saturday.

Friday's 3K fartlek went reasonably well; about how you'd expect on legs that were a little tired. I warmed up for only 1200m (running late for breakfast with my dad - very nice! photo at left), with legs that did feel slightly heavy but still responsive. The fartlek was satisfactory with 500s of 2:50, 2:51 (both fast), 3:10 (medium), and oh...I intestines were most upset (long story but had a bit of an emotional eating episode on Thursday pm - something I don't usually do any more but...oops...) so that medium effort and the following 500s of 2:52 (fast), 3:11 (medium), and 2:53 (fast) were under extreme duress in terms of intestinal cramping. I probably would've been 10 sec faster if not for that. Oh and learn. Total time 17:47 with ave HR 160, and the weather was warmish at 19C (66F).

Garmin data here. 

I had a little getaway Friday night at a cabin near Sundance Resort (beautiful! Stewart Falls at left!) with our interfaith church choir (our church + a Mormon singles ward). The men waited on the ladies and spoiled us, which was wonderful. Not so wonderful: the hills there. There was simply nowhere to racewalk, and I really looked. I dislike racewalking in the evening but with my schedule once I got back at 12:30pm, I had no way to walk any other time. I finally went out at about 5:30pm. Oh, and it was raining pretty hard. It wasn't cold, though, at 56F (13C), just wet; the last 2K the wind picked up and then it wasn't so nice. I took the dog, and when we got back the kids were like, "What's with the wet dog smell? Oh, mommy took Sugar racewalking!". My legs felt pretty tired, probably because I spent most of the afternoon cleaning carpets over at Kelly's place (she's moving), plus some residual from the 3K fartlek? My intestines were better than yesterday but still iffy. Anyway, total time was a slowish 51:08 for 6:23/km with high ave HR of 156. I guess I need a rest day. But I finished the workouts, and am not sick any more :).

Garmin data here. 

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