Saturday, September 14, 2013

really tough week

Backing up a few days... got behind on my blog - too tired to maintain it well. To my few readers, sorry. Actually, I write this mostly for myself, so should I apologize to myself?

Wednesday: Was supposed to walk 5-6km but woke up really sore and figured it was better to do the elliptical. Still having cold/sinus symptoms. Did the elliptical, took Grace to school, took Calvin to get his cast off then back to school, then I took the bus to work. In the afternoon I took the kids to the state fair. They had been begging me to go...really begging, all week. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bus on the way to their school, but I still took them to the fair. They absolutely loved it, which made it worth it to me even though it pretty much wiped me out.

Thursday: Too tired to move, and I felt sick. Took a rest day. Debated taking a sick day from work, but managed to drag myself in, and made it through the day.

Friday: Still very tired, but did 25 min elliptical and rode my bike to work. I was just sick of being sick, and figured if I rode my bike to work it might make me feel better mentally. It did, sort of. I thought I'd try and finish up my work a bit early and go home and get a nap before the symphony last night, but that didn't happen - work was busy as usual. Had a bit of trouble staying awake in the first half of the performance, but still really enjoyed it.

Saturday: Slept in until 8:30. Seriously, unheard of for me to sleep that late, ever. Felt rotten when I woke up and debated what to do. Decided that a nice racewalk might make me feel better, so I dressed and went out to do 6K or so, figuring that would be all right. My legs were a bit sore (they never recovered at all this week - just felt sore all the time at a basal level). The first 2K went OK, but after that my legs just HURT. Hamstrings and glutes were fatigued and dragging. I just felt awful. I love racewalking, but right not it's just not fun. At 5K I was in more pain, and stopped for a second to regroup. I actually stood there in tears for a minute, trying to muster up the strength to continue, and also just feeling sorry for myself and how lousy this all is. I really miss being able to do my sport pain-free.

Here's the Garmin data from today's walk. 38:17 for 6:23/km with ave HR 145.


Doctor update: the wheels of medicine turn slowly. On Friday, I finally got blood drawn for some additional labs my sports medicine doc wants (vitamin D, creatine kinase, and liver panel). Now I wait for the results and analysis before we decide what to do next.

I'm still not over my cold. I'm tired. I'm whining, so time to stop writing.

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Harriet said...

Oh are going through a "mired in sludge" phase. It isn't fun though at times we can distract ourselves with other activities.