Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I met Adriana for 6K this morning. I wanted to do more, but my legs were not feeling great and I figured 6K would be enough. Besides, I have not gotten a new parking permit for campus (on purpose), and I either have to bike or take the bus to work. 6K plus biking to work is a good hour of cardio, which makes me happy these days.

Surprisingly, despite some residual soreness in my glutes, I did well this morning. I felt good and smooth and was able to go pretty fast. I pushed Adriana a bit, going 30:23 for 5K. She was working it VERY hard at the end, as that is just 1 min slower than her race pace that she did at the 5K on July 4 in Murray. Muahahaha! It was fun to push her, and I don't think she minded. I felt fine, with HR in the mid-upper 150s at the end, and averaging 144 for the whole 6K. We did the last km slowly to recover.

Total time: 37:08 for 6:11/km.

Garmin data here.

Legs definitely feeling it now, between the racewalking and then biking to work. Taking it easy the rest of the day and hoping (maybe against all hope?) that I'll be up for a 3K fartlek tomorrow. Maybe. Meeting Adriana at the track at the U at 8:30am, so I'll have to racewalk at least a little bit!

I had to bike to work today, though, as I have a doctor appt at 3:15pm and it's on campus, but far enough from my work that it makes sense to bike there. I could have taken the bus and walked but that would have been more of a nuisance. Hopefully the doctor will have some ideas that my family doc didn't think of. Hopefully.

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