Monday, September 09, 2013

one foot in front of the other

Just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other.

Saturday: Was in Salmon, Idaho (photo from our hotel grounds, at left) for the weekend with my friend Sarah. She got up at 4:50 am and therefore, so did I. Not being one to waste an early morning. I put on my reflective vest and headlamp and went out for a walk. Just past the downtown area, I met a couple of elderly ladies out for a walk and chatted with them for a few minutes. Then I walked on, going up a small country road. It was pitch black outside and the stars were vividly bright; I even saw a meteor! I was sure glad I had my headlamp - couldn't see a thing except the occasional light from a farmhouse.

I walked up the road to the 6K mark, slightly uphill. My legs were tiring, but I figured I had another 6K in me. By 7.5 or 8K, my legs were really tired and I was worried my right hamstring/glutes were going to do what they did last week and give out. Fortunately, they didn't. I wasn't able to go any faster on the downhill and was about the same speed as last week: SLOW. 1:19:50 for 6:39/km with ave HR only 137. Yup, tired legs.

On the way back it was lighter out and I saw horses, cattle, and bucolic country scenery. Lovely! Oh, and the temperature was lovely too - so nice and cool at 50F (10C) and refreshing after a whole summer of 70F in the mornings in Salt Lake.

Garmin data here.

After that, I volunteered for the marathon, directing traffic at mile 25. That was actually pretty entertaining, and I cheered Sarah on to the finish when I saw her.


Sunday: rest day.


Monday: warm-up 1600m in 9:43 with strides. Then 3K fartlek in which my legs tired at 1.8km, but I still made it to the finish. It was a bit faster than last Thursday, probably because I went in with a day off instead of 6K on my legs. I did 17:21, with ave HR 161. Splits were better to start as I felt good, and it was nice and cool (60F). At 2km I fatigued and they were slower. Oh well.

2:44, 2:47, 3:01, 2:48, 3:06, 2:56. Ave HR on last split was 169, with max 171. Definitely working hard, for all the good it did me :(. 

Garmin data here.

I rode my bike to work after walking the kids to school. Legs are quite sore now, and will x-train tomorrow.

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