Monday, August 08, 2016

still alive... 6K

Yes, I'm still alive. It's been interesting. Not at all the way I wanted to start training, but life happens and you have to roll with the punches.

So I was very sick for about a week because of a tooth, which cracked in half and had to be pulled. Thankful for modern dentistry! I will be getting an implant later, but for now... yeah... I'm missing it. The before pic at top shows the crack - all the way through the tooth (1st molar, on right of photo). The after pic is the meth-head look ;). Sigh...

Then, three days after my tooth was removed, and on my second day back at work after missing three days (I was really, really sick...antibiotics are helping), my daughter broke her arm (radius, distal) AND leg (tibia) roller skating. Both are non-displaced fractures so she won't need surgery, but she cannot go to summer camp and cannot be left alone because she can't get herself around the house. She's wheelchair bound but can't get to the bathroom alone. At least now she can get to the toilet from the wheelchair and back to wheelchair; initially she couldn't even do that much and we had to lift her onto the toilet...oh yay. Plus I've had to sleep with her in the guest room because she can't go up the stairs to her room, and she can't get anything she needs in the middle of the night (pain meds, ice, bathroom, etc.). Sleep is a loose term, since I get about 2-3 hr at most before she needs something. Hopefully that will improve as she continues to have less and less pain. I expect she won't need me at night after a few more days. I hope.

I felt good enough myself to try the elliptical on Saturday, despite residual dizziness and fatigue, and I did 45 min without too much trouble. I rested Sunday and then racewalked today. I was surprised how poorly I felt today racewalking, but it went all right considering. I was really tired and still pretty dizzy, which made me glad I didn't try to RW on Saturday. I was slow, but otherwise not too bad, and my hamstring felt decent. And I did make it 6K in a pretty slow 6:45/km. But I'm trying to focus on the positive - I got out there and walked, and it was all right. Hopefully tomorrow I can do 8-10km at a better pace. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight which will help?

Garmin data here. 

Still 3 months until the 30K. I hope I can do it.

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