Thursday, July 28, 2016

6K + 5x200

This morning I did 6K plus 5x200. Took the dogs for the 6K and the first 200 and then tied them to a tree while I did the remaining 4. They are just NOT into speed work (more on that later).

The 6K felt fine, with my legs feeling a bit fresher than they did yesterday, which isn't surprising considering my activities on Monday (hiking & 10K race!). I did it at 6:32/km with ave HR 145.

Then I started on the 200s. It makes sense to take the dogs with me on the first 200m since then I go back and forth on the street and end up where I tie them up. However, they (especially Powder) really don't like to go fast, especially after 6km. I ended up half dragging Powder down the street - it must have been funny to watch - and only did 1:07 on the first 200m. The others were faster, and I did all 5 in 5:26. I have to get my fast twitch muscles back in gear, because that's pretty sad! But I'm OK with it. It was nice to be out this morning; a bit warm at 23-24C (73-75F) but dry and calm and clear.

My hamstring bothered me a bit at the end of the 6K and especially on the last 50m of each 200. It was all right at work despite some prolonged sitting at the confocal microscope, so I'm not too worried, just noting it. I'm happy that it's continued to improve.

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