Sunday, August 14, 2016

doing what I can

Wednesday: 30 min elliptical wore me out. 

Thursday: went to the track, did 1 mile with strides in a ridiculously slow 10:45, felt lousy (weak, dizzy, fatigued, heavy legs) and went home sad :(. 

Friday & Saturday: rested from exercise (still went to work, cared for kids, house, etc). 

Today: I'm still kinda weak and dizzy with heavy legs, but going stir crazy. Went out and did 6K alternating 500m walk/RW and it felt OK (only 5K on Garmin, long story). Still dizzy, and tired at the end, but it was a gorgeous morning 62F and sunny and I enjoyed it a lot. The dogs did too :). They've been a bit crazy not exercising (no one else takes them out!). 

Someday I'll feel better. Until then, trying to keep my spirits up, eat right (!have gained so much weight! UGH!) and get exercise as I'm able. 

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