Thursday, September 17, 2015

cross-training; 10K

Yesterday: did elliptical for 40 min with Kelly.

Today: more house stuff, busy and a bit stressful but all OK. I couldn't work out in the morning, though. Instead, I managed to carve some time out of my work day to go over to the Student Life Center and do 10K on the track there. I could have gone outside, but it's so hilly at work and this way I invited Kelly to come too, and we did a bit over 5K together. Then Kelly did abs and strength training stuff while I finished the 10K. I worked quite hard and pushed a bit but it felt good to let some of my stress go that way. The 9948m (34x around the 292.6m track) took me 1:02:50 for 6:19/km. I left my Garmin in the lab by mistake, so I don't have Garmin data; I did the stopwatch time on my phone so I could pause for water breaks as needed (I took three because it was pretty hot in there this afternoon).

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