Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm back.....3K Pacific Association USATF Grand Prix

In brief: trying to sell our home and under contract on another a block away. VERY busy preparing home for sale, so training took a back seat; did 10K last Sunday slowly (6:32/km-ish?) and cross-trained a few days this week but no RW. Drove to Carson City, NV on Saturday with Jim and Stevie Berry (Stevie is a 16yo RWer from Orem, UT, and Jim is his dad) and then raced this morning and drove home. Crazy, as it's a 10-hr drive! But it was fun, and I needed the break getting out of town.

The race was at 6280 feet of altitude, which is 1914m, and is 1930 feet (588m) higher than where I live, which is definitely significant. I felt it, too, especially in the last km (a slow 5:59 with a very high average heart rate of 182 for the last 500m!), and my time was a slowish 17:35.8; but altitude-adjusted via a spreadsheet that Alex Price of the PA-Association came up with, my time was a respectable 17:05.6. Not great, but lots better, and more representative of my training.

Need some sleep so won't upload Garmin data now, but have a few pictures.

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