Monday, October 12, 2015

rest day; 8K with 3x2' @ 5K pace

Yesterday: rest day :)

Today: 8K w/3x2'@5K pace. Met Kelly at the JRP at 6:20am and we could definitely tell that it's fall. It was dark and seasonably chilly (it's been so warm that we are spoiled!) at 7.8C/46F. I wore a long-sleeved shirt and shorts, which was fine, but forgot my gloves and wished I had them for the first 4-5km, after which my hands were fine.

I was a bit tired this morning, but it was self-inflicted, as I stayed up a bit late last night assembling a new desk (for me! yay! have been wanting my own desk for years but had no room for it in the old house) while watching the Chicago marathon (DVR'd it from Sunday morning when I was too busy to watch). Loren did the desk with me and we enjoyed the project, but it was late when I got to bed, and then getting up early was tough.  But my legs felt good even if my mind was a bit addled, and I had a good workout. I did the 8K at 6:19/km average pace with ave HR 144. I included 3x2'@5km pace and that went great as well. I calculated that I'd go 348m in 2 min at 5:45/km, and on the first 2' interval I went exactly 350m. On the second I forgot to note where I started, so I'm not sure how far I made it, and on the last I went 380m!!! Fast - that's 5:16/km! OK, so it was only for 2 minutes, but still...nice! My dog Sugar even kept up on the fast intervals, no problem.

Garmin data here. 

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