Friday, June 10, 2016


I racewalked today. It went OK. I was slow and cautious because of my hamstring, but it actually didn't hurt too much. Maybe 1-2/10, and mostly 1 with the occasional 2. I guess that's all right. 40:16 for slow 6:44/km with ave HR 142.

Then I had PT, and my PT was dismayed about my tweaking my hammy again :(. But he thought it might not be too bad. He is pushing me to do some more eccentric hamstring exercises daily, even if they hurt a little. The latest research shows that some eccentric load helps tendons heal faster. Seems to make sense. He had me do some exercises and they hurt 2-3/10; the ones that were 3 we stopped before they could get worse. I am feeling OK now, in the afternoon.

I might try a longer walk tomorrow. I don't know. I'm still tired and discouraged and trying to figure things out. I still need to stay in shape, and I still want to RW. But I wonder if I am pushing too hard for something that can't happen right now. My PT and coach don't seem to think so, so maybe I should believe them?
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