Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's workout: 10 min warm-up and cool-down, with 30 min at 85% MHR in between. It was tough, but I hung in there and got it done. I feel pretty good now, though I'm a little tired from not enough sleep last night and the night before.

Projects at home: did some canning last night, which kept me up late. The pears and plums on our trees are ripe, so I did some whole plums and also made plum sauce, which is really yummy. I will probably serve it on pork tenderloin in the wintertime. Also finished editing and compiling our home videos from December until July, and burned 7 DVDs to give family members.

News of the totally ridiculous: at the Maverick on 9th East and about 3rd South, they were advertising "Snickers 29 cents with 44 oz beverage purchase". Yikes. The Snickers alone is 7 points, and the 44 oz Coke is 10.5 points (just looked it up). 17.5 points, for a SNACK. For comparison, when I am maintaining my weight, I get 26-27 points per day, plus 35 distributed over the week. So that would be over HALF my daily points just on a snack. No wonder Americans are fat. We consume stuff and have no idea just how bad it really is. Or we do know, and we blow it off because we feel we deserve the treat. I used to do it, too, and still would if I didn't keep a close eye on things.

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